Nathaniel Shilbrick's Accomplishments

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Nathaniel Philbrick grew up in Pennsylvania and went on to earn a BA in English from Brown University and an MA in American Literature from Duke University. ( Philbrick has worked as an editor at Sailing World Magazine during his earlier years and is the founding director of Nantucket’s Egan Maritime Institute. He is still a research fellow at the Nantucket Historical Association. Most of Philbrick’s works relate to the sea due to his past experience, these works include: Bunker Hill, Why Read Moby Dick? , The Last Stand, Sea of Glory, In the Heart of the Sea, Away Off Shore, and Mayflower. Philbrick boasts a long list of achievements for these books as well as personal achievements. Some of his books have been named New York Times Notable …show more content…

Part one consists of chapters one through seven describing the Pilgrim’s voyage to America and the building of their community as well as the formation of a long relationship with the local Pokanokets and their leader, Massasoit. Part two details of new faces coming to the colony from England meaning more mouths to feed, adding to their problems was the threat of the Narragansetts, enemies of the Pokanokets. As a result the men of Plymouth colony constructed an eight foot wall around the settlement. Following the death of Squanto, Standish killed two sachems, Wituwamat and Pecksuot, disrupting the balance of power in the area in favor of the Pokanokets, and after Massasoit recovered from his sickness with the help of Winslow. The Plymouth-Pokanoket alliance was stronger than ever. Part three, Community, shows the unfair trial of three of Philip’s men, ultimately acting as a spark that helped to set off King Philip’s War. Part 4, War, depicts King Philip’s war and how Benjamin Church recruits the Praying Indians to overpower Philip and his allies and also as a result of Mary Rowlandson and the important role she played in the war. Through these parts Philbrick’s style stands out mainly as a narrative style because although he is telling a story he is also backing up his claims with evidence and primary

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