Nathuram Godse's Final Speech By Mahatma Gandhi

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Name: Ameya Prabhune SR No. : 11849. Group: C. Nathuram Godse – His Final Speech Textual Analysis: Humanities Project. The given text is an excerpt from the speech given by Nathuram Godse after he assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. The place is the Punjab High Court in Peterhoff, Shimla. In this speech, he has reasoned why he assassinated Gandhi. The speech was meant, of course, for the juries as well as the people present in the court. As he himself makes clear, it is for the listener to decide what he has done is right or wrong. Now, all kind of persons must have read his speech in newspapers, his autobiography and on internet. There would be strict Gandhi supporters, people who have hatred against Gandhi from the roots of their heart and some who could never make up their mind. I feel that the speech is intended for those who respect Gandhiji and feel that all he has done is correct from all aspects. He explains why he thinks Gandhiji made some unforgivable blunders in the freedom movement for which he (Nathuram) committed this grave crime. He begins by saying that Hindus, at the turn of the 1920’s had begun to neglect their caste differences and had united to fight against the British rule in India. But only non-violence was not sufficient, the Indian youth had talent and were not afraid of death. So, Indians must subject to violence and quick action if they want freedom from

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