MBBS Case Study

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principles that prohibit interest and taxes. Interest and taxes have driven most of the world’s population into poverty, and MBBS eliminates these two evils and offers the best hope for eliminating poverty in the shortest period of time. Most non-Muslim countries might consider MBBS a tool to spread Islam. As a result, they may be hesitant to implement MBBS; However, they will have no chance for survival if other countries implement it. The country that implements MBBS first will become an economic leader.
In order to raise enough money to meet national budgets, it is necessary to use a system of revenue collection that encourages people to participate in the scheme and produces large amounts of cash for a government quickly and at no
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It would be easy to find enough people willing to work for a MBBS agency, and all bond vender positions would be filled in weeks. A country’s treasury would print bonds instead of currency. A monetary agency could be set up in one week. As a result of the large amount of money bonds vendors would make, it would take the monetary agency little time to establish its network, and this network would not cost the government any money. Given the benefits of MBBS, it would not be difficult to pass the legislation needed to implement the system.
No country can survive without implementing MBBS because this system will eliminate poverty, create massive employment, create an industrial revolution, improve law and order, eliminate drug-related problems and crimes, and eliminate the terrorism that is fueled by poverty. Any country that does not implement MBBS would face a public revolt and would be replaced by a government willing to implement this
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A MBBS bond can be viewed as a mandatory payment for goods and services. The bearer of these bonds would be entitled to significant formularized discounts on the listed sale price/cost of goods and services if these bonds are used with a cash payment. In the government sector, a consumer can pay in bonds instead of cash, and the bonds will be worth double the amount of currency. In the private sector, goods and services would be purchased with 15% in bonds and the rest in cash.

How can these bonds be used? What are the benefits of using these bonds?
These bonds would be used to obtain reduced prices for goods and services offered by the government and the public sector. These bonds will bring down the cost of living for a household consumer and reduce production costs for businesses.

Who will sell MBBS bonds, and who will be eligible to sell bonds? Unemployed and preferably educated people would be hired as MBBS agents. These people would have, at least, matriculated. They would be required to register with the USMF for an annual fee of US$500. The USMF would conduct an intensive but short training course, and it would offer a 10% discount to agents and assigned them a monthly quota of bonds worth US$300,000, which would enable a bond agent to earn up to US$30,000 a
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