National Budgets Advantages And Disadvantages

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principles that prohibit interest and taxes. Interest and taxes have driven most of the world’s population into poverty, and MBBS eliminates these two evils and offers the best hope for eliminating poverty in the shortest period of time. Most non-Muslim countries might consider MBBS a tool to spread Islam. As a result, they may be hesitant to implement MBBS; However, they will have no chance for survival if other countries implement it. The country that implements MBBS first will become an economic leader.
In order to raise enough money to meet national budgets, it is necessary to use a system of revenue collection that encourages people to participate in the scheme and produces large amounts of cash for a government quickly and at no extra cost or risk. The mutual benefit bond/card system is an incentive-based revenue system that replaces current tax systems and encourages people to invest in their countries. MBBS is designed to:
1. Eliminate unfair financial burdens from all sectors of society;
2. Remove taxes, duties, and levies;
3. Revolutionize government revenue collection and liquidity;
4. Eliminate poverty;
5. Rebuild national infrastructures;
6. Restore law and order; and
7. Provide all citizens with equal opportunities.
MBBS is a very simple system. There are no checks and balances, hardly any documentation compared to the documentation in existing systems, and no chance of corruption. In addition, there is zero risk to existing government systems that

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