National Council Of Negro Women Case Study

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The National Council of Negro Women is a non- profit organization with the mission to advance opportunities and the quality of life for African- Americans women, their families and communities. Also the NCNW was the first black organization of organizations. Founded in 1935 by Mary McLeod Bethune, the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) was the first national coalition of African American women’s organizations. The most influential national women’s organization during the civil rights movement at the time, the NCNW represented 850,000 members, including Martin Luther King’s wife, Coretta Scott King. In 1957 King addressed the NCNW at their annual convention, telling the women, ‘‘I have long admired this organization, its great work, and…show more content…
Her primary goal was to have black women fully represented in national public affairs. Mrs. Bethune was so focused on getting African American women in an organization to better express themselves so that they wouldn’t feel no different than other women. Her achievements of this purpose was required by establishing a headquarters in the nation 's capital and employing an executive secretary. She was also concerned about the lack of a clear feminist focus and commitment in NACW to women 's issues, and especially to working-class and poor black women. While Bethune was an ardent supporter, and frequently a part of the black leadership that defined key race issues and strategies, by 1928 she was extremely concerned about the lack of financial support from NACW members and African-American women that gave the causes and issues specifically related to NACW and also to black women. Racism was a big issue back in day for black women because they didn’t get recognize until this organization came into establishment. Bethune noted that black women spent an inordinate amount of time and raising money for male-dominated organizations and male-defined causes. Bethune 's focus on securing and maintaining a national headquarters brought her and her program into direct conflict with the old guard NACW leadership, which for years…show more content…
In conclusion, the National Council of Negro Women is an organization that promotes unity amongst black women. National Council of Negro Women is open to all UC Berkeley students, whether in your undergraduate or graduate studies, faculty and staff. This organization is open to anyone interested in helping debunk negative stereotypes and uplifting African American women on campus. Mainly serving as an umbrella organization for thirty-nine national and local advocacy groups for women of African descent both in the United States and abroad, the NCNW coordinates its activities with partner in thirty-four states. The National Council also runs four research and policy centers and its effort to develop best practices in addressing the health, educational, and economic needs of African American women. The National Council of Negro Women serves to lead, develop, and advocate for women of African descent by uplifting the community at large and negating negative stereotypes that plague the African American women
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