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Thank you for purchasing the most significant Canadian symbol – “The National Flag of Canada”, also known as the Maple Leaf. Symbols not only represent the feature of a person, an object or an event, but also, they can carry a nation’s first impression. As an essential national emblem, a flag units "all the citizens without distinction of races, languages beliefs or opinions. The reason why chooses the maple leaf as a national symbol is that maple leaf had become a symbol of Canada since 1700. It is symbolic of both the nature in Canada and the people who struggled for survival previously.
Meaning of Design
The national flag consists of a red maple leaf in the center, two red borders on both sides with a white background. The red and white, as Canadian
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It was argued by John Diefenbaker, who trusted that Canada should belong to Britain, however he failed to object.
Etiquette and Care of the Flag
Display of the Flag
▪ The flag can be flown through all day, including night time, which should depend on the weather on the day.
The Rules and Protocols for the flag
▪ There is a specific mask offered the flag to fly.
▪ People should treat the flag in a dignified way
▪ People should take their hats off, “face the flag” and keep quiet, if there is any raising or lowering the flag.
Elimination of the Flag
▪ Once the flag is no longer in a good condition, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, such as burning it privately.
The Prime Minister at that time, Lester B. Pearson created a flag called Pearson Pennant, the blue borders represent the two oceans bordering Canada. however there were no any favors among Canadian citizens.
In 1957, new Red Ensign with red maple leaf was approved by the government because it is more nature - winter is longer in

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