National Football League: Paid Analysis

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The National Football League has been around since the year 1920, growing from “14 member teams in 1920 to the current 32 teams today.” Depending on the contract with their current NFL team, the total contract of a player worth can be a huge some of money; we are talking tens of millions of dollars. Some would say these players deserve these seven or eight figure contracts, as they entertain millions around the world, and are part of the big business we call the NFL. Others would argue that they are paid too much money to do a sport that some High School students have to pay to play.
An example of this would be Aaron Rodgers, who resigned with the Green Bay Packers in 2013: “Aaron Rodgers signed a 5 year, $110,000,000 contract with the Green Bay Packers, including a $33,250,000 signing bonus, $54,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $22,000,000. In 2016, Rodgers will earn a base salary of $11,500,000, a roster bonus of $600,000 and a workout bonus of $500,000.” Rodgers earned $33,250,000, just from signing the contract, hasn’t even stepped on the field yet, and $54,000,000 is guaranteed to be payed to him. People will say things on the line of “That is way too much money
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When TV broadcasting contracts are make, these bring in even more money which is then paid for by advertisers paying them. All those t-shirts, hats, programs, etc. that you buy all go towards the profit the league and owners make.” The NFL is like the big business of the sports world. And what do big businesses have? Hundreds or even thousands of employees to keep the business running smoothly; The NFL, is not different. “Each NFL team is allowed to have 53 players on its roster (plus a five-player practice squad). As of 2011, the NFL has 32 teams, making a total of 1,696 players.” These men are just trying to make a living entertaining millions in one of the most popular sports in The United States of
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