John Fahy Case Study Summary

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John Fahey • He is the president, CEO, chairman of the board of National Geographic Society (NGS)
• In order to improve the organization’s positioning and effectiveness, he created a GMG.
• He created a cross-functional team, called the Membership Task Force to fix the membership issue
• “To reignite a spirit of entrepreneurship, he had developed strong verticals largely autonomous, focused market segments-built around individual product lines” (Garvin & Knoop, 2011, p10). • He wanted to set up an e-commerce executive.
• He wanted to tighten up operations.
• He expected the company to be more risk taking, focusing on commercial activities, and cross-department collaboration company future.
• He preferred to keep the magazine editors rather than only 20 years employees.
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• He believed that the power the NGS had lied in being objective and unbiased.
• He considered to hire a senior vice-president dealing with e-commerce. • In the past, he communicated in vertically. Now, the communication is more centralized. • To let the members feel cared, he would need to think deeper about what membership wanted to obtain from the NGS.
Tim Kelly • He is president and CEO of Global Media Group (GMG).
• He thought the GMG had clashes about ad sales, which described as dysfunctional, too much infighting, and not being strategic.
• By the end of the first half of 2009, magazine advertising sales had declined 30%-40% which compared with 2007.
• Global magazine advertising expenditures were projected to stay below 2008 levels through 2013. • “To make membership meaningful again while monetizing it and fulfilling the society’s mission, He argued that NGS should experiment with creating a social engine or community platform with a single sign-on” (Garvin & Knoop, 2011, p8).
• He said in a warning that membership should be more than just selling people things, it must be about getting people to care.
• He thought that NGS should be more advocacy-oriented.

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