National Guard Recruitment Analysis

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One of the most important responsibilities of an Army National Guard Recruiter is to know and understand your area of assignment. A proven way to successfully accomplish this is by conducting a thorough market analysis. My goal in completing this assignment is to break down the demographics within the area that I will be recruiting, determine which schools will be my primary focus based off of historical data, and develop a strategy that will assist me in being a successful RRNCO. I will discuss my schools program I plan to utilize, which will assist me in successfully recruiting within my schools. It allow will allow me to develop good relationships, build trust within the community, and generate quality leads throughout the year. I will…show more content…
The reason I’m choosing MSA West is because they are by far the most military-friendly school in my area. My children will attend MSA West, which will make it easier to establish good rapport and build trust with the faculty. I will plan a teacher appreciation luncheon at the beginning of the school year. During that time I will introduce myself as the newly assigned Louisiana Army National Guard (LAARNG) Recruiter to the key personnel and pass out School Entry Vehicles (SEVs), to include planners and calendars that will assist them. I will conduct a short 10 minute presentation to inform them about some of the educational benefits that the LAARNG has to offer as well as entertain any questions that they might have. My goal will be to have all the junior and senior class teachers to provide contact information on a sign in roster that I will provide during my presentation, which will also ask permission to conduct presentations in their respective classes during the school year. This will create solid COI’s/VIP’s within the school, who will reiterate to the students the importance of their future and how the LAARNG can benefit…show more content…
During this phase, my primary focus will be recent graduates, returning seniors and returning juniors. I will conduct telephone interviews specifically with these individuals, schedule face to face appointments to discuss the features & benefits tailored to their personal needs and show them how the Guard will benefit them in accomplishing their goals. I will contact school officials to talk about changes in the LAARNG programs and any policy changes within the school for the upcoming year. I will schedule pre-ASVAB presentations, ASVAB testing and ASVAB interpretation presentations during this time as well. I will explain to my schools that scheduling the ASVAB early will give the students an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses in their testing skills sooner, while allowing them time to better prepare for ACT testing later that year. This will give me the opportunity to schedule these events before major planning takes place for the upcoming school year. I will plan teacher appreciation luncheons at each of my schools. By doing this, it will allow me the chance to meet with the staff face to face and reiterate the benefits of the Guard and discuss the opportunities that the Guard has to offer. This will also be a great time for me to visit the athletic departments within my schools, attend summer practices with the students
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