National Health Insurance Pros And Cons

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National Health Insurance – The pros and cons Malaysia is a developing country. === However, for the past 50 years since the independent day of Merdeka, the health care system of Malaysia is implemented and managed in a considerably well manner, as the government aware that the importance of health care is the fundamental part for a country’s development. There are four different methods of funding in Malaysian health care including (1) public general taxation; (2) social health insurance by Social Security Organisation (Socso) under Ministry of Health Resources; (3) voluntary private health insurance; and (4) government annual national budget allocation for public health expenditure. The primary source for financing the government public…show more content…
It is usually funded by the locals’ tax money. Does the introduction of this NHI scheme bring along its benefits rather than its negative sides to the community in Malaysia? The pros of NHI is the equality of public to access for health care services. This health system caters to the locals with difficult financial affordability. Regardless one’s social status and health conditions, all the residents registered for NHI will be able to receive the equal and universal health services. The poor will be treated or served exactly the same kind of health care as the rich in the country. Besides, the universal access to health care is achieved by providing coverage over the poor, women, migrants, elderly, prisoners and vulnerable groups. In short, this type of health management system places all the citizens under equal and balance pedestal without disseminating against anyone. Secondly, the society’s overall quality of life may be improved as NHI ensures that the general population receives the basic health treatments and…show more content…
This scenario is mainly referred to the case of infectious diseases. Apart from that, the implementation of NHI can encourage entrepreneurship of private hospitals and prevent medical bankruptcies. Till now, the private hospital are mushrooming in development and they are oriented on fee-for service basis. At present moment, the private medical centres are charging more expensive health cost in order to cope with the operation cost as only minority of the population will go for private option. If NHI is carried out, the number of locals will be increased by presenting to private settings as standardised health care cost is charged with full NHI funding. On the opposite side of view, the negative impact of NHI is the overcrowded in the government medical centres. Heavy workload to the health care personnel may decrease the quality of services and overall work performance. Besides, the cost for health related services may be raised in the future due to increased pricing of medication, high demand of sophisticated medical instruments, decreased quality of medical care, alteration in disease patterns and rising number of ageing

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