National Homeland Security Analysis

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Since the birth of the United States a main goal of the nation has been to avoid tyranny. The framers, fresh out of what they believed to be tyrannical rule under the British, made every effort to remove it from existence in their new country. As time has gone on America, as a nation, has drifted away from ideas generated by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and shifted in another direction due to unforeseen circumstances such as terrorism.
When the United States of America was established it was designed to be a place of tolerance and opportunity. Immigrants from all over sought out to reach the shores of this new and promising country. With new people migrating in, and citizens who had been in the country since it was under
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Both of these acts are in direct correlation with the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001. The Patriot Act, which was set in place first allowed the government, has the main goal of strengthening law enforcement and other agencies to stop terrorism on US soil. The National Homeland Security Act went into action a year later in 2002, and was used organize the Department of Homeland Security and other sub agencies. Despite its intentions of protecting the United States it subsequently takes away the rights of the majority. The exact opposite of what both Jefferson and Madison thought to be possible. In 2013 Americans learned the exact truth of the Patriot Act and the National Homeland Security Act. These acts granted full access to the surveillance of all Americans at any time. Whether it be listening to phone calls, watching citizens through cameras, tapping into someone 's emails, or internet history these are all a direct violation of constitutional rights. Granted, it was created to help protect American lives from extremists looking to inflict harm on innocent lives it should still not take away the rights of the majority when trying to hunt for a minority. Not all Americans are out looking to cause domestic terrorism, so the government should not be looking at them in such a manner. Madison and Jefferson could not have predicted such an action as 9/11 perpetrated on American soil, but they were right when they established that the majority should rule and minorities should be protected. In modern times it seems as though the script may have been flipped, and the majority could be considered to be the one being
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