National Honor Society: A Personal Analysis

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Throughout my entire life, I have challenged myself not only academically but also to better myself, and my community. I try my best at everything that I do, whether that is in my schoolwork, at home, or at work after school. Often times when people hear that I am an only child, they assume that I get everything handed to me, but that assumption is completely wrong. My parents have always taught me that you must work for success. I believe that I have been pretty independent for most of my life, not only because my parents got divorced when I was ten years old, and because I am an only child, but also because my dad moved to Colorado leaving me with only my mom and grandparents in town as my family. I know how to get things done on my own,…show more content…
National Honor Society requires hard work in both academics and community involvement. It has helped me to not only place academics as a priority, but also to prioritize being involved in the environment around me. I have always been very involved in my community because the church that I have been a member of since birth has always promoted putting others before myself. I have gone on multiple mission trips with my church that have completely changed my view of the world. Those mission trips have and continue to help me to see what I have and what I am capable of doing. Helping the people around me has definitely always been one of my top priorities because I have always been taught to take time out of each day to give to others. I believe that self-discipline is one of the biggest keys to success in college because college is a time when a person starts finding who they are. In high school, I have always made time to study and work and I believe that the limits that I have set for myself have prepared me for the rigors of
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