National Honor Society Application Essay Examples

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To begin, I am Delancy Elizabeth Anderson and I am more than honored to potentially have the opportunity to become a member of the Yazoo County High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. Moreover, it shows me that I have academically, mentally and spiritually excelled through my years of high school to be a part of something bigger than myself -- National Honor Society. Seeking membership into National Honor Society will not only solidify that I am a diligent student, but the renowned program will shape myself into a greater me. To declare, I am a noteworthy candidate for National Honor Society because I withhold the four standard-the program strives to exhibit -- scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Initially, my entire high school career, I have worked exceedingly with every activity that I have done. In this case, maintaining a 3.6 GPA and ranking 14 out of 122 of my classmates has shown my commitment to my education. While attending school every day, I cultivate my academic skills to overachieve expectations. To…show more content…
I consecutively display leadership skills daily in practice and while performing. For example, when one of my teammates is struggling or not grasping the concept, I take it into my hands to work with them vigorously until they achieve their full potential. In like manner, I motivate my cheer sisters when they are down and reassure the team, as a whole, to walk in the spirit of excellence. To include, I feel that a leader is not someone who stands in front and dictates their group, but rather stands right next to their followers and goes through the battles with them. Additionally, I exemplify a respectful young lady in and out of uniform because I have noticed the little girls idolizing me and mimicking every move I make. Significantly, leadership is a trait that can enhance as you grow older and National Honor Society will build me up into a superior
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