National Honor Society Application Examples

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It is an honor for me to be invited to join such an exclusive society of distinguished people. I am excited about being part of the National Honor Society in view of the limitless opportunities and the strong support system it represents for me. I consider myself a scholar, by reason of the fact that I thrive to excel in my academics and accomplish my best in any achievable way. Through my years as a student I have worked on helping my classmates and my community in any way I possibly can. By offering equine therapy to participating in the climate reality project I have demonstrated leadership and service to my community. As the dictionary defines it, the word “scholarship” means “knowledge aquired by academic study; learning at a high level”. I consider myself a scholar because I always aim to be my personal best in everything that I do. I apply my…show more content…
My personal belief is that our differences are the things that bring us closer together, having a contrasting character makes you stand out. We each shape our own destiny and to take advantage of any situation in our lives, we have to view the different perspectives life gives us. Each person has a part in the shaping of others destiny’s. I always try to stay positive and encourage people to do the same, this way we encourage happiness. To serve others you need a favorable character, which I believe I posses. Participating in social services for orphanages and homes for elders have been experiences that build my character. By helping others I help myself be a better person, and get new prespectives of life. Being part of the National Honor Society comes with its benefits and responsibilities. I am prepared to take both and fulfill them as best as I can. I will hopefully have the opportunity to be a part of your community of outstanding people. Together as a one, we will confidently help encourage other human beings in achieving their own personal
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