National Honor Society Character Essay

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Character My character merits selection into the National Honors Society in a variety of ways. My characteristics include, persevering in my studies, exemplifying beneficial qualities, and upholding principles of morality and ethics. The definition of persevere is to persist steadfastly in pursuit of an undertaking, task, journey, or goal, even if hindered by distraction, difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement. Throughout my years at Galesburg High School, I have taken many classes some including honors and I have pursued them with an A in mind. Even when things got tough in the class or at home, I stayed on track and got my work done. I kept the goal of an A in mind and it helped me to keep my 3.7 GPA that I now have. Also, I have had …show more content…

Problem solving skills are very important in every aspect of your life. How you solve a problem is who you are. If you solve problems swiftly then it can be said that you are a leader. If you are more of a downtempo problem solver, you tend to push things off. When I have problems, I strive to fix them hastily before they can get too extensive. Initiative is also a great trait to have. I use this trait by taking charge before others. I do this in my vocational class while working with my kindergarten children. I jump right in and do what I am supposed to without asking questions. My teacher evaluated this skill and said that initiative is significantly built into my personality. I also took initiative by going out of my comfort zone and applying to be a foreign exchange student. My willingness to achieve new things is something I apply myself to. I am leaving everything to start a new life and it is a huge jump for me in taking initiative. Dependableness is crucial in growing up. This skill is coming to work/school on time, following through with commitments, and being accountable. Throughout high school, I have not missed many days even when I am sick because I follow through with my commitment of being a student and am liable for getting my work done and being on time. Positive behavior should always be demonstrated wherever

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