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National Honor Society (NHS) is “the nation's premiere organization to recognize outstanding high school students.” NHS “honors students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership, service and character.” Within my three years of high school I have began to develop these traits, and NHS can help me by expanding my leadership skills, enhancing my character, providing me more scholarship opportunities, and increasing my service hours.

There are so many different factors that make up a person's character. Moral and ethical quality is one of my strongest characteristics that make up my character. I believe that someone's experiences shape their character into what it is today. Four and a half years ago my life was changed forever when my younger cousin, Jake Talbot, was admitted into Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). He was there for a little over a month, with severe pancreatitis, when during one of his many MRI scans his doctor ordered a CT scan to get a closer look at his pancreas. On May 13th, 2011, Jake was diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 4 Lymphoma. He had cancer in his liver, lungs, and a large one on his pancreas and left arm. After various surgeries and 2 rounds of adult chemotherapy, Jake was discharged exactly a year after he was diagnosed.
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Throughout my life school always came easy to me. Once high school started that changed quickly. I never once studied for anything and here I am junior year doing homework and studying for at least 4 hours a day. It has paid off though because I've maintained all A's and B's with a weighted GPA of 95.9. It was a hard change and took a while to adapt to go from easy middle school classes to college courses freshman year. Since I'm in the Allied Health and Medical Sciences field, I have taken some college courses such as Dynamics of Healthcare 1 and 2, History of the United States, Biology and Medical
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