National Honor Society Essay

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It is an honor to be nominated for the National Honor Society. The fact that I was nominated proves to me that all of my hard work and dedication has not been for nothing. The National Honor Society is known for recognizing students who strive to achieve their best not only in school but in themselves and the community. I believe that I’m one of those students. Based upon my last two year at Matawan Regional I now have a 3.9 GPA and am ranked in the top 20% of my graduating class. This GPA and ranking comes from being a dedicated worker in all of my classes. I have taken 4 honors classes over the past two years and I am in 2 this year. I plan on being in more honor classes next year along with some AP courses. My grades are…show more content…
In the classroom I help those who need it if I have a complete understanding of the topic. If I don’t I will ask the teacher for help. When working in group projects I will usually take the lead and assign everyone a part to work on. Every so often I will check in to see that they are in fact getting their jobs done. My character and how people perceive me is another important topic to me. I strive to be the best person that I can. Honesty is important to me and I expect it from myself and those I surround myself with. Teachers and friends can rely on me because they know that I’m good on my word. I have high integrity, because of this I always think twice to make sure that what I’m going to do while in school is in no way, shape or form, going against the school’s policies and rules. I also make sure that what I am saying will not hurt anyone’s feelings. I am an active member in our community. I volunteer every month, at least once a month. One of the organizations that I volunteer at is Spoonful of Hope. This organization dedicated to feeding those who were, and still are feeling the effects of hurricane Sandy. They also give food to those who are hungry and in need of a decent meal in our community. While there I serve delicious and healthy meals to those who are in
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