National Honor Society Essay Examples

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Khadiza Begum Senior Fitzgerald High School As a student, it is a great honor to just be nominated as a candidate for the National Honor Society. It insists that I have been industrious throughout the past three years of high school– which I take great pride in. I have always shown my best even through my struggles. At the end of the day, my foremost motive in school is to progress. I believe that National Honor Society will help me grow academically and socially by surrounding myself with people who share my ambitions. I want to be able to improve my communication skills and leadership abilities, to help the community through service activities, and to be a good role model to other students so they can see that being a hard-working student is a good…show more content…
It was when I transferred to Fitzgerald my junior year that I decided to change that. I took the first step by joining student government. At the time, I thought it would not be very challenging but being a part of the organization for over a year now, I can now say that it is very rigorous and constantly demanding. As a representative, I aided in such things as organizing spirit week, completing the banner for the homecoming parade, and setting up for the dance in the beginning of the year. Throughout the rest of year came responsibilities of fundraising for the class, which was a difficult task since there were no more bake sales allowed. Instead of taking this as a defeat, our class came up with the dodgeball tournament. At this event, I ushered the crowd and managed the teams. Another big event that I assisted in is prom, which required great planning and organization. I enjoy graphic design, so I took that hobby and turned it into an opportunity by creating flyers for Public Relations and tickets for
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