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In addition to the grade point average of students, an individual should be respectable, intelligent, and mature to gain acceptance into National Honor Society. National Honor Society is a widely renowned group that only the top candidates should be admitted to, not just for academic achievement, but for being a genuinely good person. Not only do I believe that I portray these qualities, but I have much more to offer, therefore, I should be considered for admission. Scholarship can be shown in many ways, and is not only limited by grade point average. To me, scholarship can be defined as someone excelling in school by trying their hardest and making an attempt to educate themselves to the best of their ability. I show scholarship by sacrificing my own time and putting schoolwork before other activities. Throughout my whole school experience, I have tried my best to educate myself on any topic possible by asking questions. Questioning any…show more content…
Ways in which I depict service include volunteering at the Brian Adams Benefit to help raise money for a cancer patient whose family is struggling, helping clean up the Shawnee United Methodist Church property by picking up trash and helping with landscaping, ringing the bell to raise money for the Salvation Army, packing and delivering food at the West Ohio Food Bank for families in need, along with helping prepare food for needy families who come and stay at the church. I feel it is important to try to help as much of the community as possible, which is why I also volunteer at the Humane Society of Allen County. Showing a respect for not only my own community, but communities around my own, is something I pride myself on. Today’s society needs as much positivity as possible, and I try to provide that by giving up my own time for the well being of
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