National Honor Society Four Pillars

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In The National Honors Society, there are four pillars that an NHS Member should exemplify. These four pillars consist of Leadership, Service, Character, and Scholarship. I think that I would be a good candidate for NHS because I exemplify these four pillars. First, I have leadership qualities testified by my numerous leadership positions across multiple fields. Another trait that I support heavily is service. I support this trait by the plethora of community service activities I participate in both community and world wide. Following service is character which can signify numerous things from courage to compassion and honesty to loyalty. This trait which is much harder to express in words is sprinkled all throughout my life in scenarios both big and small. The last trait is scholarship which I will not prattle on about because as stated in the rubric I already qualify in this category. To start off with I display…show more content…
For example, one of the leadership positions I hold is Boy Scout Chaplain where I am in charge of all religious activities for my troop (Troop 197). This activity is very malleable and what is done is completely up to the Chaplain. For instance, if I wanted to teach a sermon or do a prayer at mealtimes that is completely under my control. This may show you that this is a huge responsibility and I must make sure that I don't become non-complacent and stop performing my duties. Another of my many positions is in my local church Lake of the Woods Church. Here I serve on a leadership team charged with not just the duties of being a role model for our Youth Group but also with assisting teachers, leading small groups, and making any new attendees feel welcome. The next of my many
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