National Honor Society Identification Report

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Being accepted into the National Honor Society has been a goal of mine since I learned what National Honor Society was and how only students who embody the four cornerstones of NHS which are scholarship, leadership, service, and character are accepted to be members. It is very hard to find students who have good character, demonstrate scholarship, are great leaders, and who are willing to do service for their community, and that is why I believe I am a great fit for membership in the National Honor Society because I embody all four cornerstones. The first cornerstone of the National Honor Society, scholarship, is demonstrating that you want to excel in any assignment you’re completing which is something I always do for all of my assignments…show more content…
I was raised to respect others and their opinions even if they’re not the same as mine and I was raised to respect others and most importantly to respect myself. I have many characteristics other than respect that I demonstrate such as responsibility, loyalty, fairness, devotion, persistence, friendliness, trustworthiness, and citizenship. Many will say that I am a great person overall, but I am shy at times and I am trying my hardest to be less shy around people I don’t know. Growing up I was taught to make the right choices for myself, to work hard, and to not let anyone tell me I can’t do something. My three main goals for high school are to graduate in the Top 20 of my class, graduate with an Academic Honors diploma, and become a member of the National Honor Society. I will never put myself in a situation to jeopardize my chance of accomplishing these goals. I know I have to stay clear of any people who do bad things so I don’t ever put myself in a situation where I might get in trouble. I have never liked to get in trouble so I will try to avoid trouble and drama. I will not let anything get in the way of my goals. I have always believed in myself and I will always believe that I can accomplish any goal that I set for myself no matter how difficult a goal may seem. I am determined to be the best student and person that I can become. I demonstrate…show more content…
I would be completing one of the most important goals I have set for myself in high school. I will not only be making myself proud, I will also be making my family proud. My brother would be the most proud family member because he was a member of NHS and would love to gloat on how I’m following in his footsteps. I would love to see the smile on his face if I got to tell him I got accepted to be a member. I will continue to demonstrate scholarship, leadership, service, and character throughout my life so I can be the most successful that I can

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