National Honor Society Induction Speech

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Good morning, I welcome you all here today to the 2015 Science National Honor Society Induction Ceremony. I am honored to been asked to speak and to celebrate this wonderful occasion. I would like to congratulate to the students for being honored today for your achievements in leadership, community service, scholarship, character and your enthusiasm on science which are shown through hardwork and dedication that each of you has displayed. I would also like to congratulate to the parents and families for showing unconditional support, motivation, encouragement and love on these remarkable young people which is why they are here today and continue this way in order to lead them to the path of success. In addition, I would like to congratulate…show more content…
As Charles Darwin once stated “Doing what little one can to increase the general stock of knowledge is as respectable an object of life, as one can in any likelihood pursue.” Le start with character. Character defines a person who they are, how they think and act and having morals. Having good character will help you to be confident in your daily choices, identifying what is important to you, and most importantly, it will help you develop integrity which is moral code for strength, truthfulness and courage that will eventually build relationship with others and a foundation for success, Second is community services, many students view it as an unfortunate requirement to graduate high school while others are view it as a way to seek to serve others. Serving others will make a tremendous difference to you and to those around you, it will also make life worthwhile. Third is leadership and it’s more than being elected as class officer. Having leadership will help you to develop a sense of purpose for you life and the lives of others that you…show more content…
and many careers are available for those who wants to work in medical, engineering, science-working field. Having all these traits will help you slide through life easier with a purpose, code, having the foundation for success and mostly importantly, it will make your life fulfilling with all your dreams and goals achieved. It will shape you as an individual, your family, society, nation and the world. I would like to congratulate you and your parents for having these traits and I’m looking forward to this upcoming year and making wonderful memories throughout the school year. Thank you all for your attendance here today. We appreciate your support. As Albert Einstein once stated “Never regard your study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your personal joy and the profit of the community to which your later work
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