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When I was a young girl my mother use to tell me “The same amount of work you put in is the same amount of reward you will receive.” This specific saying stuck in my head, because I interpreted it as If you want to educate others you must first educate yourself. I felt to accomplish this it would be best to join groups that would improve my personal and professional skills. This was my motivation behind doing things like pursuing volunteer groups, jobs and mentoring positions. My current positions are a job at my local H-E-B, Social media director of an all girl group called Ladies Of Distinction and a position in my school’s National Honor Society. All of these things are giving me the skills and training I plan to put towards teaching in the future.
For starters, my job at H-E-B is one of four that I have obtained throughout my high school career. For a while I had juggled two jobs at once to get more customer service experience to put on my resume. Thankfully, I came
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I do small things like helping pick up the recycling bins all around the school ,and even though it seems unimportant it helps the teachers a lot. This helps with me with servicing not only the teachers, but the janitors and all administrators at the school but with keeping the school clean. It also helps build good character along with the other activities I participate in. Whether a big job or small I feel all the things I do now help me to gain better skills and build better character for my future goals. I also have plans to do more volunteer work during the summer at a local recreation center to help out with the community 's youth. I feel this future plan will give me more experience with being around children and seeing how to create a healthy environment for their education. Needless to say my whole high school career has been put towards becoming a model candidate for a future

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