National Honor Society Leadership Analysis

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Leadership, a drive to serve, and a strong character are crucial aspects of those who wish to live successful and prosperous lives, and unsurprisingly, are desirable traits for those in National Honor Society. Leadership is the ability to motivate, inspire, and guide others in forming a favorable outcome. Instances that I have exhibited leadership include being the captain for two years in a row for Black History Quiz Bowl and being both a counselor and teacher at a 4-H summer camp. The ability to serve helps bring out a person’s humility, selflessness, and deeper understanding of how the world interacts. Character is a culmination of traits that make up a well-rounded person, such as being altruistic or possessing comradeship. Examples of both my character and ability to serve present themselves in Color Guard and Softball. Leadership is present in the two years I served as captain of the Black History Quiz Bowl. My duties included motivating my team and helping them study while simultaneously memorizing my own information and being the official spokesperson for the team. Being captain required me to help my team after hours as well as provide insight on to them on how best to prepare for the competition. During 4-H camp over the summer, I was one of three counselors assigned to a cabin of 25 prepubescent girls, for whom I…show more content…
Being in Color Guard allows me to play an active service role in both the school, by providing school spirit and entertainment, as well as in the community in form of parades. Softball is much the same in that I am performing a sort of service towards the school by contributing to the growing athletics department of Auburn High School. Both Color Guard and Softball requires me to have character, by always encouraging others, working in a team dynamic, and motivating myself to accomplish goals and tasks that have been laid out for me by the
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