How To Write A Reflective Essay On After School Tutoring

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Member, National Honors Society, As an active member of National Honors Society one of our main tenets of leadership is building a strong presence in the community as a whole-school or otherwise. This manifested into offering after school tutoring in math and science areas where the school struggles in terms of college readiness. I was initially apprehensive, wondering if people would show up after school to study. But, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people willing to take charge of their own learning and taking the after school tutoring extra help. Because I was actively tutoring students I was able to improve my own knowledge of the course material and continuously learn and improve myself. National Honor Society also serviced…show more content…
This was for two months out of a summer. I initially asked for this position because I was interested in early childhood education and the importance/dividends of instilling children with the knowledge and readiness for their first year of structured education. I was interested to see firsthand the time and effort to train children from all walks of life regardless terms of race, socio-economic status. This was the more draining task I dealt with. Children came with different levels of knowledge and behavioral maturity and by the end of the summer were expected to be ready for structure teaching. I was given the task of teaching the alphabet and numbers to the children. I quickly gained the maturity and patience to instruct and guide students through the knowledge they need to know. By the end of the respective summers I had a greater appreciation for the job of teaching. Volunteer work
I had the opportunity to take stats during the turkey tournament – an annual basketball tournament. Recorded the number of blocked, shots, rebounds, fouls and etc Things I do for fun
Played the viola for seven years and play the guitar. It is an opportunity to get to
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