National Honor Society Personal Statement

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I would like to become an active member of Carrboro High School’s National Honor Society in order to benefit my community through service. I am immensely committed to serving and improving my community, as I have made distinctly clear with my 143 service hours. Through these service hours, I have focused on the improvement of the future community by helping disenfranchised refugee children coming from horrible living conditions in Western Africa, by teaching children about biology, chemistry, and scientific history, by preparing freshmen for their high school careers, by raising money to protect and aid voiceless animals hurt in car crashes and other human infringements, and by creating rain gardens, planting food crops, and decreasing Carrboro High School’s environmental…show more content…
My experience in the JAG program has further taught me responsibility and also trustworthiness. These services have also taught me patience and positivity, which are occasionally necessary because children can be challenging to work with if they are not having a good day. These services show how I have vital leadership skills, which could be necessary in the many services Carrboro High School’s National Honor Society provides to the community. Due to my experience in a wide range of service, I have become exceptionally adjustable in terms of who I can work with. I work well with children, as shown by my camp hours and my work with the refugee club. I also work well with french speakers, as shown by my refugee hours. I have a lot of experience working with animals, as shown by my work in the Carrboro High School garden and my choice to work for a non-profit rescue for wild animals. I collaborate well with others in group work, finding the discussions associated with teamwork to be very
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