National Honor Society Reflection

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When I was a junior at JBS Law Magnet I was elected National Honor Society President. This job only was stressful and demanding, however I believed I wanted to do something else. Every year National Honor Society is in charge of the Freshman Mentoring program. The program was designed to pair incoming freshman with upperclassman. The mentoring program was supposed to help freshman adjust to the high school environment. The mentors were supposed to tutor and work with their mentees throughout the year. We aimed to make students feel more comfortable in high school. The problem with this program was that it was ineffective and was only enforced as a one day program. I believed that this program had so much more potential than a one day event, thus I wanted to extend the program to an all…show more content…
I discussed my plan with the principle, my National Honor Society Sponsor, and other teacher and every single teacher said the same thing, “Create a written document that explains everything step by step and I am on board.” Luckily I had the whole summer to construct a final plan.
The only thing I knew was that I wanted to extend the program to an all year event. I wanted to have constant tutoring and academic assistance throughout the year to keep the freshmen on track. After careful consideration and time, I constructed contracts, guidelines, calendars and rules for the mentoring program. I decided that the program would consist of twelve meetings, two meetings every six weeks. One meeting of the six weeks would include teaching academic areas such as Geometry, English, Biology, etc. and the other meeting of the six weeks we would teach about the college application process. I created a descriptive calendar and lesson plan for every meeting and session. After I establish what I would teach, I knew I needed motivation for the freshman and upperclassman to attend. Even though, this was the hardest part
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