National Honor Society Summary And Analysis

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1.) believe that I maintain the Four Pillars that National Honor Society is looking for in a student. I demonstrate Scholarship by getting good grades. Last year at the end of the 1st Semester, I had a 3.7 grade point average. During the 1st Semester, I was busy juggling The Musical, Drivers Ed, and Group Speech. I also lettered in academics last year. School has mattered more to me, as I get older. I am starting to care a lot more about my grades over the past 3 years of High School. I may not have the grades that everyone else has, but I always do my best. I’m never afraid to ask for help. I demonstrate Leadership by being involved in my activities. Recently I was asked to be a Leader for the Freshmen Respect Retreat, and I become a Co-President for HEROES. I loved being a leader for both of these things, and a lot more activities. I demonstrate service by helping adults with children at church, and being on the School Improvement Advisory Board. While helping with these events, and meetings, I am respectful, and always try to be patient. I demonstrate Citizenship by helping, volunteering for the Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast in Toledo, Iowa, and volunteering at…show more content…
My parents raised me well. They have always taught me to have good manners, and to be respectful. I am nowhere close to perfect, but I want to be a role model. I want somebody to look up to me. My life has been full of surprises. I’ve always had a tendency to surprise myself. I never thought that I would be named Co-President of HEROES but I did. I never thought I would ever find a job that can work around my activities that I’m in, but I did. Most importantly, I never thought I would get an application for National Honor Society, but I did. I believe that I should be selected for National Honor Society because, I always try to think positive, be a good person, and set a good example to
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