National Honors Society Reflection

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Being the president of the National Honors Society chapter at my high school, allowed me to experience what it’s like to disagree and collaborate on ideas for things as simple as shirts, to big events such as cancer walks and fundraisers. Being a part and in charge of a group as large as our NHS, allowed me to understand what it was like to not only take what you want into consideration, but what 90+ members want as well.
This enlightenment began when we had our first officer meeting for the new school year. Topic of discussion was one that would be a breaking point for us: deciding if we should get t-shirts and polos, or just polos. Members had wanted t-shirts for events that weren’t formal, such as outdoor volunteering and moving things
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Even the officers were torn and frustrated because it was something the group had never done before. Eventually, it was decided that we would just stick to polos until the officers could agree on what decision to make, and what design to introduce to the members, if necessary.
Although something as simple as t-shirts seems like a ridiculous topic to argue about, it was a wakeup call to all of our officers. It allowed us to realize that we can’t just decide what to make all of our 90+ members do. Our little controversy allowed us to realize that any decision involving a large amount of people, needs to go through several people, and has to be mutually agreed on, in order to move forward with plans. It allowed all of us to understand that just because we have a high title within our organization, doesn’t mean we can dictate what everyone does. Experiencing this now, is a great way for us to experience how it is probably going to be like in whatever work path we choose for ourselves. There is always going to be things that need to be agreed with and disagreed on, and it’s better for us as students, to realize this now, rather than when it’s over a major work project, and has you looking unprofessional, due to the lack of
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