What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of National Insurance Essay

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National insurance is defined as one of the insurance system that drew up by a federal government to cover all or almost all the citizens in the country. These systems are completely or partially funded with tax money. National insurance will bring a lot pros and cons to the country that carried out this system. In Malaysia, this system are haven’t carried out yet but the other country already have this system such as United Kingdom, United State and other.
There are many pros can get by the citizens after carry out the national insurance. Nowadays, there are many people have the health insurance to protect their own benefits due to the economic problem. The insurance that provide by the insurance company may give the economic burden to the family whose are in low income. With the national insurance, all the citizens will protected by the insurance and have equal access to health care. This type of health care system provides the health care service for those people who can’t
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The national insurance may lower the income of the doctors and no have a strong incentive to encourage the health care provider to provide better health care services or medication. This may lead the young generations reduce the interest to become a health care provider. In the last, this will result shortage of the health care provider in the future and may create a big problem in the future. Without the health care provider, the healthy population in the country may face the hardship and may very difficult to handle and solve the problem.
In the conclusion, the national insurance brings the pros and cons together. If a country planned to operate it should have a better planning and map out in the way which can provide pros more than cons. The most important thing is the government should put the citizens’ benefits in the priority before operate any plan because citizen make the future of the

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