National Junior Honor Society Character Analysis

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Over the course of my academic career, I have developed several positive traits that make make me a qualified candidate for National Junior Honors Society. My experience from being in a variety of school clubs and leadership positions has equipped me with the necessary character traits for an aspiring National Junior Honors Society member. I pride myself on being reliable, ambitious, and versatile. I have gained most of these traits through being in positions of responsibility. A prime example was when I was the secretary of the Battle of the Books team. Not only was the secretary, but I was the oldest member of the team. That was one of my earliest positions of leadership and where I learned the significance of reliability. My ambition was to contribute to everything I did in various ways. The following year I participated in a total of eight different school clubs, most of them happened simultaneously. I realized it was my ambitious nature that drove me to take on so many activities. I carefully considered joining each one these activities and ultimately decided that I would be able to handle all of these clubs, or at least I would try. Juggling eight clubs…show more content…
The National Junior Honor Society is in charge of some of Westampton Middle School’s most memorable and successful projects. The success of the National Junior Honors Society depends heavily on the reliability of its members. I feel that my reliability can be part of the force that keeps this trend going. Have all of the members done their jobs? The club can only move forward if the answer is ‘yes’. Therefore, my reliability will be very helpful for the National Junior Honor Society. Versatility will also be very useful. My ability to adapt will allow me to easily blend in with other members and allow me to have multiple roles. My attributes will provide very useful for National Junior Honors
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