National Junior Honor Society Report

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To be in National Junior Honor Society you have to have good character, citizenship,service, and leadership. First, I have good character. I take criticism willingly, and I also welcome recommendations. Second, I demonstrate citizenship well.Civic involvement is very important, and I have high regard to freedom, justice, and respect for the American form of government.Third, I will serve the the school and community. I 'm willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities; I work well with others and I 'm happy to work with others. Fourth, I have leadership qualities and I exercise leadership. I am resourceful in proposing new problems, applying principles, and making suggestions. I should be National Junior Honor Society because…show more content…
First, I am willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude. I always have a good attitude, and I am very loyal to the school attitude. Second, I demonstrate mature participation and responsibility through with such activities as school clubs. I participate in Destination Imagination, and last year I did art club and I did creative writing. Third, I participate in some kind of outside activity. My after school activity is softball, I have done softball for about one year. Softball is one of my favorite sports to play. I also help my family when we have to do yard work, the yard work that we do is weed picking, trash clean up, rake, pick up the tree limbs, etc. Service and citizenship are very important qualities for me and for…show more content…
First, I take criticism willingly and I accept recommendations graciously. I always try to get people opinions of my work, and I like to know what I did good and what I can change. If someone recommends something I could do better, then I would think about if it would be a good fit for whatever the recommendation was. Second, I show courtesy, concern, and respect for others. I always give respect to all my superiors and my classmates, I always respect their decisions, and I respect all my teachers. If any of my friends are sad I become concerned, and try my best to help then with it. I am courtesy, I am always polite towards everyone, I never try to be rude to people, I say “ yes mama”, “ No mama”, “yes sir”, “ No sir”, and please and thank you”. Third, I consistently exemplify desirable qualities and behavior. I am always friendly to new and old people who got to school in NEMS. I am always cheerful in and out of school, and I never try to show anything but cheerfulness towards people. Good character is a very good quality to have as a person, and for NJHS. I have the quality of a good character.

I should be National Junior Honor Society because I have good character, citizenship, service, and leadership. I show citizenship in and out of the school every minute. I always serve my community in any way possible. I am always a good leader for groups, sports, etc., I always welcome new ideas even if
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