National Junior Honor Society Essay

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National Junior Honor Society

I love to learn and I believe that is the point of coming to school. In the sixth grade I got interviewed by Ms. Spille and I got accepted into the AVID program at Lake Braddock. This program has taught me several things, for example, how to be more responsible, how to be organized and how to use my time wisely. I always turn in my homework on time and do my best, so it looks nice and neat. I am one of the only people who use my agenda out of my classes. I write down everything in my agenda and follow it. I am also one of the only one to use the calendar and the time management part of it. My agenda helps me keep on track of everything that is due the next day. I have always had A’s and B’s in the gradebook. This is why last year I got the A/B 4 Quarters Honor Roll certificate. I take my education seriously and this year I am also 3 honor classes, including Algebra I. I am also Advance Spanish classes. I like to get good grades and I don’t do it for money like some of my classmates. I just get a good job from my parents and I am totally okay with
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I feel I am exactly the type of person needed in your society. I have a positive attitude about learning; I enjoy participating in class; I am a very good leader; I follow directions; I am a responsible person and I believe I have a service oriented personality. I am fully aware that if I make the National Honor Junior Society I will have to attend after school meetings. Also have to attend and help in service activities. This does not affect my decision this just makes me appreciate it even more. My teachers in the past years have always said great things about me. My parents give me a lot of support and always believe in me. Most importantly I believe in myself. I believe I would be an amazingly positive influence and a great member of the Nation Junior Honor Society. Thank you so much for considering my
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