National Junior Honor Society Research Paper

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I would like to thank you for considering me for National Junior Honor Society. It is a tremendous honor to be recognized for not only my academics, but also my leadership, service, citizenship, and character. Admittance into this club is something I would take great pride in and I will surely represent myself with the utmost class, dignity and respect that the club represents. I believe I represent all the core values that the National Junior Honor Society is looking for. Leadership is one of those values that I believe I possess and display is all aspects of my life. Being a leader means being responsible, having a positive attitude and respecting all those I come in contact with. I exhibit responsibility every day by turning in all of my assignments by the due dates and rarely being absent. I possess an extremely positive attitude towards school. Many of my peers are content with average grades but I have always been an overachiever and have high expectations for myself, both in and out of school. Another way that I demonstrate leadership is by respecting…show more content…
I am self-motivated by my desire to achieve academic success. Unlike most students my age, I can honestly say that I enjoy going to school because I like challenging myself to achieve my academic goals. This year I am taking Algebra and Living Environment which are both regents level courses as well as Honors 8E Social Studies. Another way that I display great character is I would never cheat on any assignment. I cannot understand how people can just copy answers without learning the material. I respect my parents by making them proud and not arguing with them. I present character on the field by trying my hardest and always showing excellent sportsmanship. Last year I showed good character by not being boastful when I was brought up to play JV basketball. I felt it was a privilege that I never took for
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