National Nutrition Month Analysis

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National Nutrition Month is a program designed to encourage healthy eating and dieting as well as exercise. National Nutrition month occurs in March of ever year and was founded by the Academy of Nutrition of and Dietetics. This year’s theme is “Put Your Best Fork Forward” to remind everyone to be mindful of what they eat. The program has four main tips to help an individual watch their eating habits. They are role models, staying home, dining out and being active. The first topic the article talked about role models. They talked about parents and how their eating habits reflect on their children. The article noted how children are more likely to eat what their parents eat or provide for them. Per Dr. Richard H. Carmona with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating habits and…show more content…
It talked about how to maintain healthy eating habits while eating somewhere outside of the home. The article talked about how an individual could maintain a healthy eating habit by looking at a restaurants menu beforehand. Also, today most restaurants have a separate menu for healthy meals or have an asterisk beside them in their menu that contain a certain number of calories. The fourth topic the article talked about was being active. Being active is an essential step along with eating healthy to creating a healthier lifestyle for one’s self. The article talked about how an individual does not have to go to the gym to work out, but they can find everyday activities that they enjoy and turn them into physical activity. In conclusion role models, staying home, dining out and being active all play an important role in an individual’s food intake. Eating healthy and proper exercise will aid an individual in creating a healthier life for themselves as well as the people around them. These choices will also decrease any health risk that results from unhealthy

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