National Poverty Reduction Strategy: Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone, on the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa, is half the size of Illinois, with a area of 71,621 sq km and a total area of 71,740 sq km. It is bordered by Guinea to the northeast, Liberia to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It has large Mangrove swamps along the coast, lined with wooded hills and a plateau in the interior with a great mountainous show. The history of Sierra Leone dates back to at least 2,500 years ago when indigenous African people, The Bulom being were the very first, followed by Mende ,Temne then Fulani inhabited Sierra Leone.
In 1462 the first to explore the land was the Portuguese explorer Pedro da Cintra who mapped the hills surrounding the current Freetown Harbour, naming the oddly
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Sierra Leone belongs to the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) Group of countries. For 35 years, the ACP-EU relations have held strong. Sierra Leone signed the Joint country strategy paper, drafted in agreement with EU and UK Department for International Development (DFID). This JCS , aims at gaining a better understanding of priorities in the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) in the areas for promoting efficient Governance and the establishment of peace and security. Also, it recognises the need for pro-poor sustainable growth ,for food security and job creation along with economic growth and human development in Sierra Leone. The six-year National Indicative Programme for Sierra Leone under the 10th European Development Fund (2008-2013) , provided them with financial assistance (€242 million)…show more content…
Sierra Leone belongs to World trade Organisation (WTO),International monetary fund (IMF),United Nations(UN) and World Bank(WB).
US :The relations between US and Sierra Leone were established diplomatically after 1961, (when it got independence from Britain).Sierra Leone was home to a number of slaves in 1700 from North America.
United States is undoubtedly the largest bilateral donor of Sierra Leone. More importantly it is a single donor to the Special Court for Sierra Leone, that deals with cases of human right violation during the war decade .This court transitioned to a residual court presently. Besides this, President Koroma of Sierra Leone met President Obama in Oval Office on March 28,2013 where they dealt with anti-corruption laws and high profile arrests. Further, to tackle the issue of drug trafficking and smuggling the US assists Sierra Leone to build up apolitical Republic of Sierra Leone Armed forces that can ensure peace in Africa. The US also provides help to support elections, generate employment, improve food security and quality along with the development of health facilities. It maintains an embassy in Washington DC. The open skies air services agreement was signed between the two

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