National Pride In Armenian Literature

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National Pride Throughout this semester we have analyzed a lot of Armenian books with different themes and with different authors. However the most interesting part for me was exploring works where heroes like Vartan Mamigonian and David of Sassoon fought until their last breath to defend their nation against evil and darkness. The main reason of this interest is the idea that most of Armenian books share which is proud to be Armenian, so in this paper I will discuss. How is national pride presented in Armenian literature? First of all many people believe that national pride is the most important material that unites any nation in good and bad times. So what is national pride? Some believe that national pride is the force that strengthens the country and drives the nation to better future. According to encyclopedia “patriotism is an emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland.…show more content…
However every hero had different motives and intentions. In the case of David of Sassoun, he was proud of being from Sassoun because when Misra Melik challenged him he could have run from the battle as people of Sassoun were ready to give anything to the king. However he did everything in order to win the fight and save the people of Sassoun from the horrific future, which fits perfectly to the definition of national pride. On the other hand understanding Vartan Mamigonian motives is more difficult because in the begging when Persians threatened Armenians, Vartan like most of others was proud of being Christian, and he was ready to give his life for the sake of Christianity. However after people chose him as their leader he understood that the future of his nation is in his own hands, therefore he had to motivate every single soldier to fight bravely, in order to guarantee a better future for his country which is the exact definition of
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