Essay On Military Partnership

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The Military Partnerships

Theoretically, the military exists because it is designed to serve and protect not only the people but also the State. Furthermore, the military is tasked to protect the nation's vital interests so as to ensure that the State maintains its sovereignty, may it be domestically or in the international arena. However, the role of the military does not revolve on security and defense alone. As such, this paper will provide for the military's involvement in the National Response Framework (NRF) and their involvement during a national emergency.

The Military and the National Response Framework

Whenever disaster occurs, the federal government is tasked to response to such a disaster. In order to make the response more efficient, all levels of government and other bodies are guided by the National Response Framework (NRF). As a
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In certain instances, the military is used in providing security after a catastrophic event and it is used to enter an area of disaster devastation with the use of naval resources so that food supplies and medicines are given to those who need it (Sylves, 2009). Worthy also to note is the fact that in major disasters, the military is used as a search and rescue team (Sylves, 2009). Furthermore, it is also during this time that the military acts as the protector of people’s property and their safety. During a national emergency, the military is tasked to ensure that civil order is maintained. There are many questions with regards the role of the military during a national emergency. Regardless, one cannot deny the fact that the military is efficient and effective in helping the country to stabilize after the occurrence of a civil disturbance or a national calamity. Thus, their help is as vital as saving and protecting lives of those who are in
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