Prescriptive Vs Descriptive Ethics Essay

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The word ethics comes from the Greek ethos, meaning something like ‘morals’. In fact, ethics is defined as the systematic reflection on what is moral. In this definition, morality is the whole of opinions, decisions and actions with which people express what they think is good or right. So, in short, to think ethically, you need to systematically reflect on what people think is good or right. Ethics is not a manual with answers on how to act. It is only a search for the right kind of morality. We can distinguish two kinds of ethics. The descriptive ethics is involved with the description of existing morality. It is about facts. Descriptive judgments are therefore true or false. On the other hand, there is the prescriptive ethics, also known as the normative ethics. This branch of ethics actually judges morality. Normative judgments are therefore value judgments: they indicate whether something is good or bad. We will mainly consider ourselves with normative ethics.

According to "virtue ethics", there are certain ideals,
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The story goes like this. Almost a year ago, on a very dark night, my dad was walking outside talking on his phone regarding his business matters with his partner. After almost half an hour walking here and there two pickpockets came there by motorcycle to snatch the gold chain and my Dad’s handphone.My dad did not surrender to them but instead fought with despite one of the two burglars holding a sharp knife with him threating my dad to give those expensive things with him. But my dad kick their motorcycle, causing them to fall down and eventually run away out of fear. It might be a small matter for any of the listeners but for my family, it’s actually something very unfergetful mark im our lives. In case, my dad failed to show his courageous act that moment by now we wouldn’t have him by our side to support our
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