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What charity has over $78 million donated to it annually, has over 4 million supporters, and was started 80 years ago by a man named Ding Darling? The National Wildlife Federation. The National Wildlife Federation 's goal is to protect the environments that are most important to native wildlife. I believe that the National Wildlife Federation is the best and most deserving charity because they save animals lives all around the country. The National Wildlife Federation is an organization with over 4 million supporters. The President and Chief Executive Officer is Collin O’Mara. They work to protect the environments that are most important to native wildlife. Their goal was to unite sportsmen and all outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts behind the common goal of conservation. Ding Darling was the person who started the National Wildlife Federation in 1936. He convinced President Franklin Roosevelt, a man who cared deeply about animals and nature, to bring together more than 2,000 hunters, anglers, and conservationists across the country. He did this because there was no nationwide group supporting conservation and many people cared about wildlife. When they started, their name was the General…show more content…
So why are we spending money to save them? Because if all of the animals in the world were gone, we would all end up dying because we wouldn 't have enough food to eat. Another reason why we save animals is because they make nature more unique and amazing. Imagine a world without animals, without the sounds of birds chirping as you walk through the woods. Imagine not being able to go outside and play with your dog, or not being able to see all of the different types of fish when you go swimming. That would be a boring world to live in, wouldn 't it? Even though animals aren’t as important as humans are, they still make the world a better and more interesting place, and we also need them to

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