Nationalism And Liberalism Dbq

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Liberal ideas were in favor of the majority in the country so it paved way for further unification as an independent state which emerged from all hierarchy. In order to defeat other powerful enemies, a strong state would have more advantages as it served as a collective defense. Nationalism accelerated the process of unification since it utilized the military force and political support from a large number of patriots and liberalists. Nationalism which was the emphasizing of the national identifying, and aspiration of independence promotes the unification of Italy and Germany because it focused on the majority’s voice in the country. James Stuart Mill, (Doc 2) who was a proponent of national identity, accentuated the necessity of a constitution that concerns the tendency of the whole society in a solid state. Constitution was the initial law that granted that opinions from different classes can be listened and consolidated the political structures. Upper-class men, as leaders of the country, it was necessary for them to regulate unstable aspects and accept prevailing opinions. The assemblymen and authorities should be connected with people, so the laws they make could be functional. Both Germany and Italy need an effective constitution to unify their nation politically that minimized the distinctions among all provinces comparing to stead of only geographic unification. (Doc 3) Nationalism stimulated people especially working class to seek for political rights, economic
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