Nationalism And National Identity Essay

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Nationalism and National identity are two terms which although at first appear self explanatory are not easily defined, or indeed produced definitions agreed on. Considering that both terms exist due to the creation of Nations, and that the term 'Nation ' in itself is ambiguous, First it is necessary to look at what is meant by the term Nation. This assignment will then proceed by inspection of positive and negative perspectives of an individuals attachment to ones nation by drawing on research conducted by Adorno et al (1950) which illuminates the negative aspects of the concept of nationalism. It will look at the distinction made in contemporary times by psychologists such as schatz et al (1999) who attempt to separate these positive and negative characteristics of nationalism with sub definitions, and move forward by considering 'Banal Nationalism ', which is a theoretical framework produced by Michael Billig (1995) , and immigration in order to highlight any areas of similarity and difference. Eleni Andreouli () explains that Nations are social constructs which means they were not naturally formed, and although they…show more content…
Furthermore, that nationalism is not just about intense positive or negative responses and attitudes, but rather as involving people seeing themselves as part of their own nation and that others outside their nation belong to another. For Billig (1995) although nations are socially constructed they are generally viewed as normal occurrence of dividing the world into separate areas. Bellig also brings forward that as nationalism is bought to peoples attention in their everyday environments with national symbols such as flags and currency this often gets unnoticed these daily reminders give the concept of nationalism the power of being took for

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