Nationalism and Nationalists

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Nationalism is a system created by people who believe their nation is superior to all others. It 's most often based on a shared ethnicity. It can also be based on a shared language, religion, culture, or set of social values. The nation emphasizes shared symbols, folklore, and mythology. Shared music, literature, and sports further strengthen nationalism. Nationalists demand to be independent from other countries. If the people are part of a country, they want freedom and their own state. If they are already have their own nation, they do not want to join global organizations or collaborate with other countries on joint efforts. Because they believe their shared attribute is superior, nationalists can easily stereotype different ethnic,…show more content…
They oppose globalism and empires. They are also against any philosophy, such as religion, that supersedes national loyalties. They are not necessarily militaristic but quickly become so if threatened. Nationalists ' feeling of superiority is what differentiates nationalism from patriotism. The latter is pride in one 's country and a willingness to defend it. Nationalism extends that to arrogance and potential military aggression. Nationalists believe they have a right to extend power over another nation because they are superior. They feel they are doing the conquered a favor. History Nationalism didn 't arise until the seventeenth century. Before that, people focused on their local town, kingdom, or even religion. The nation-state began in 1658 with the Treaty of Westphalia. It ended the 30 Years War between the Holy Roman Empire and various German groups. Industrialization and capitalism strengthened the need for a self-governing nation to protect business rights. Merchants created national governments to help them beat foreign competitors. The steam-powered printing press enable nations to promote unity within and prejudice against
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