Nationalism Dbq

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Nationalism is defined as a patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts. In the 1800s Nationalism had causes and great effects on europe and Latin America. One cause being the want to have a greater nation. An effect could be a song or a mural done in honor of the nationalism in these great countries. Nationalism caused populations throughout Europe to unite in order to overthrow existing power structures and develop new ones based on liberty and national identity, the causes, for a greater nation as a whole. European nationalism rose during the 1800s as a result of great political turmoil and upheaval due to the American and French Revolutions Italy was a great deal in nationalism in the 1800’s. Camillo Benso, or otherwise known as Count of…show more content…
The people were united. There were many effects on people and their countries due to nationalism. The song written by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle was called La Marseillaise and was later named the French national anthem. Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle was a French military officer after the French declared war on Austria in 1792. One of the lyrics is as stated, “Fight with thy defenders! (repeat), Under our flags, may victory, Hurry to thy manly accents, May thy expiring enemies, See thy triumph and our glory!” (doc 2). The song is speaking of war and that the men who are going to war are proud to be French. Also Johann Gottlieb Fichte wrote in Address to the German Nation that, “Thus was the German nation placed – sufficiently united within itself by a common language and a common way of thinking, and sharply enough severed from the other peoples – in the middle of Europe” (doc 4). Fitche is stating that the Germany has been unified that everyone must speak the same language and a common way of thinking. The effect of nationalism that Germany had was that everyone was unified in thinking and as a whole. Nationalism had great effects on the world in the
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