What Does Nationalism Cause World War I?

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Nationalism is something that stimulate people to love, respect and proud in their nation such as language that related to nationalism among people by history, culture or face the problem together. Later on nationalism was found in every nation when national felt like their nation were threaten by other nation or same nation so they will gather together and this is called “Nationalism”. There were two kinds of nationalism in 19th century Europe are people wanted their independent and the power nation needed to dominate other country such as nationalism of Serbian and nationalism of German. “Nationalism means being a strong supporter of the rights and interests of one 's country.” According this quote related to meaning of nationalism because nationalism defined as a group or nation who love in their culture, belief in their traditional, language, and especially is their independence or people who wanted to control others country. World War I began in August, 1914 and ended in November, 1918 caused by conflict of countries in Europe and spread to other countries more than 30 countries worldwide. For example nationalism, after the war between France and Prussia during the period 1870-1871, which is caused by usurpation political power between France and Prussia. The result of this war changed many things in Europe. France lost in this war then France needed to give Alsace-Lorraine to Germany. Germany can gather to be a state and then called “German Empire” which is the great power in Europe while France must…show more content…
As the above, nationalism can give advantage and disadvantage. Advantage of nationalism are every people love their nation and can do everything for their nation so everyone do for public not as for someone. On the contrary disadvantage of nationalism are one nation loved their nation but they did not enough and also wanted to be the most powerful then make they declared the war with other nation such as
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