Culture And A Strong Sense Of Nationalism In The Early Twentieth Century

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luence of Culture and a Strong Sense of Nationalism in the Early Twentieth Century Developments that occurred in the early 20th century deeply impacted the formation of the United States. A strong sense of national identity and unity emerged over this time period. Advancements in technology dramatically improved the American lifestyle. The melting pot in the country blossomed through the influx of immigrants especially in the 1900’s. However, the economy suffered a significant downfall that devastated the lives of countless people. Overall, the cultural trends and economic situations experienced in the United States essentially affected American identity by resulting in a diversified nation. American and national identity was influenced in the twentieth century through various movements. The Harlem Renaissance greatly shaped the role of blacks in America. Following World War I, an explosion of creative minds in blacks celebrated their culture and pride. Popular artists and authors shared their talents. Blacks fought for the idea of a “New Negro” which had a purpose of changing the way people viewed African Americans. Many of them battled against racial inequality for higher social positions (Parker). In addition, the change in gender roles was remarkably apparent through this time period. Woman became more involved in government and became active participants in society. The long awaited victory for suffrage was finally accomplished. In 1920, the 19th Amendment was

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