Nationalism In World War I

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The war of World War I begin in Europe starting from 1914 to 1918, the war also known as the great war included many countries who had alliances. Like Austria-Hungary, Italy and Germany as well as Britain, France and Russia. But the spark of the war was when Franz Ferdinand then gets assassinated, but there 's more to it as well. There were many beliefs in the nations like nationalism, militarism and as well as alliances. Without these beliefs their would have been a different outcome to the war or could have been different.

Nationalism was a huge part of World War I, reasons being that nationalism is being loyal and proud of your country with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries. Which are people
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Militarism also made it so that your will believe that war is the best way to do things instead of talking it out. Making people want to go to war and serve for their country. When you 're a kid they put a whole bunch of war things to make someone at war your hero so then you want to be just like them and go to war. But as well as nationalism the country that supports militarism also wanted to prove they are better with their military. Britain was a large country at that time they had a huge army of people one of the reasons being was because of militarism. But this made Germany mad so they wanted to have a bigger army as well. But the country 's loved to show of their armies so they kept on trying to make it better. So when the war sparked and started they were ready to…show more content…
When Franz Ferdinand gets assassinated sparking the concept of war between two countries, different countries come in do to alliances between the countries. The Triple Entente that includes Britain, France and Russia as well as the triple alliance including Austria-Hungary, Italy and Germany. Militarism influenced the population of different countries making the people act out in war. As well as nationalism in different countries making different believes in people and uniting Germany as a country, but each country wanting to be better and more superior than each
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