Nationwide Children's Hospital Charity Case Study

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Nationwide Children’s Hospital Charity
Let me ask you a question, Is Nationwide Children’s Hospital Charity exactly what we think it is? Should we get involved? Well before you answer that, let me tell you just exactly what it is.
Nationwide Children’s foundation is just a small piece of what it stands behind, NCH was founded in 1892 and has been caring for patients for over 120 years, and since then has over
10,000 wonderful working employees, But that’s not quite their purpose. Nationwide Children’s mission is to create the future of pediatric health care, help the families with life-saving treatments. About NCH
Nationwide Children’s Hospital has over 68 facilities and growing beyond the state of Ohio to provide health care for children who
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Everything that NCH does is strictly for each patient.
Still Not Convinced?
NCH has over 1.2 million patient visits, and patients from 50 U.S states and 41 foreign countries.
It is listed as America 's largest children 's hospital, no other hospital reaches the amount that they do. With 110,683 donors they have raised more than 91.8 million dollars and more than 97 million dollars in charity donations and community benefit services provided annually. NCH’s research department is one of the top ten NIH funded free standing pediatric research facilities in the U.S, along with that NCH has won Best Children’s Hospital Honor Roll (2016-2017) ,
Magnet Recognized and the Hon@code awards. NCH is determined to help every family to the best that it can.
Is It Time To Donate Yet?
When you donate you help departments such as Neonatology, Hematology/ Oncology, BMT,
Neuroscience and all nationally ranked clinical programs. All donations given are used for patients and all research, But let’s take a minute and think about this.. If you had a child and they needed the help just know NCH will take care of you, You would want donations given to help provide the care that is needed, you would want to know they know exactly what they are
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