Native American Autobiography

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I was born a mystery, no one thought a small Native American girl living in a tribe would grow up to be the most famous Native American. In 24 short years I would accomplish more than people would in their whole life.
Background info (birthplace, birthdate, any relevant childhood info., relevant relationship info., etc.):
I was born in 1788 in the Shoshone tribe, my mother worked cleaning the house and gathering food, while my father was the tribal chief. My brother’s name was Cameahwait and my sister’s name was Pine Girl, I had a wonderful family. One day my tribe was camping down by the river, where the buffalo were plentiful. As my brother was preparing for a hunt, I told him to be careful as many evil spirits roamed the plains. Soon after
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Later giving birth to a baby boy. Toussaint Charbonneau named him Jean Baptiste but I called him Pomp, meaning child with lots of hair. A month later Toussaint Charbonneau told her that they would be traveling with Lewis and Clark. She was worried to make such a long journey with a small baby. Charbonneau and I moved into the explorers shelter right outside the Hidatsa village. The weather started to get warmer and the group of 31 began to pack for the trip. On April 7, 1804 I wrapped Pomp to my back and joined Lewis and Clark and their men on the banks of the Missouri River as we set off for our journey. On the first day of the journey, I sat quietly holding three month old Pomp in my lap. On the journey I served as a symbol of peace so the Indian tribes around knew that the explorers weren 't hostile. On the exploration many things went wrong sails broke, boats almost tipped, papers and items fell into the waters, and water got in the boat. In these moments I wasn 't scared for I knew how to swim well. Throughout the journey I proved myself to be a valuable member of the group. I am remembered for my strength and courage. I was able to translate for the explorers and the Shoshone tribe and many others. During the travels I was reunited with my brother and he told me that Father, Pine Girl and Mother had died. Lewis and Clark gave her a week to spend with her people before they continued on their
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