Native American Beliefs And Beliefs

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Ever wondered how the Native Americans lived? They live with delicate beliefs that cannot be changed. Amazingly, their complexity of survival and beliefs is beyond fascinating and weird at the same time. From the Native’s emergence until the end of the genocide, the Native Americans proved their excellence in terms of culture and customs. To start, Native American spirituality followers don’t take their practices as a religion like other religions, but their beliefs play an important role of themselves. Native American beliefs are deeply rooted in their culture. They believe everything surrounding them is holy, from the largest mountain, to the smallest organism. Also, Native Americans believe that a lesson can be found in all things and everything has a purpose. To sum up the main focus of their Spirituality, it is all about honor, true love, and respect. (EarthLink) In other words, not only do they love, honor, and respect their “Creator” and Holy Earth, but also every living thing particularly. Spiritual practices of Native Americans include the use of entheogens, any substance, such as a plant or drug, used to bring on an intense spiritual experience. (EarthLink) Another practice is obviously meditation. A typical Native American Indian meditation technique is the totem meditation. The last detail that falls in the category of their religion is symbolism. Native American Symbols can vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across different regions. These symbols
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