Native American Boarding Schools 101

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“When you judge others , you do not define them: you define yourself” - Earl Nightingale. In a society where people are still judging other people to try to make them look good is a low blow, you know you will not be able to judge them on their actions but on something they were born with, the color of their skin or the way the look. This is why discrimination happens every day, bigots must have a scapegoat to blow all the stress they have. But in reality they are not defining the other person because those are petty words, but the bigots actions while insulting the poor man will define the bigot . Once people have learned about how to blow all the stress they have, we can almost act as one. We would be able to win much more because it would…show more content…
If we were not going to war with them and leave their culture alone the government could have used the money to better itself for the future.The prosecution of the war cost the United States government 105 million dollars, which values of roughly 1.5 billion dollars in 2014. They wasted an enormous amount of money to try to eradicate their culture. One example of this would be”The school was to completely transform people I mean inside-out language.” This sentence has a negative meaning by hearing it but by understanding it, it something that would help in the future. Although they were taught to leave their Indian customs behind, they could not actually throw it all away, it would remain with them. When they would have the chance to come home or create new families, they would teach them English and their Indian Culture. While teaching their loved ones English and quite possibly their Indian Culture, they would help win World War II. . They would put a group of…show more content…
“What he came for, specifically is to snatch sergei’s fish, to steal it away . Before the mind of Sergei Goralick really understands what it is his body has done, he seems to have taken the burner off of the stove and hit the boy in the head.”() This statement alludes to us that he is not a patient person. He judges automatically thinking that he knows what he is gonna do but in that case, he is incorrect. He is an impulsive person who judges them by their actions and he cannot control his reflexes as it comes natural to him. If he were to be patient and see what the outcome may have been, he could have avoided that problem he put himself into. See what different approaches you can take rather than doing it instantly. You cannot realize the damage until you are finished and this is what Sergei faced .As it states”He wanted to take you away from me,”Sergei says. “Nonsense,” the fish says.” He was only here to make a little something for TV.” This alludes to him not being able to control his body’s actions when he is trying to protect something that he loves.Sergei “protected” the fish from Yoni because he saw him as a threat and killed him because he was protecting his companion. He did the obvious action which
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